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PerSpeechNorm: A Persian Toolkit for Speech Processing Normalization

by   Romina Oji, et al.
University of Tehran

In general, speech processing models consist of a language model along with an acoustic model. Regardless of the language model's complexity and variants, three critical pre-processing steps are needed in language models: cleaning, normalization, and tokenization. Among mentioned steps, the normalization step is so essential to format unification in pure textual applications. However, for embedded language models in speech processing modules, normalization is not limited to format unification. Moreover, it has to convert each readable symbol, number, etc., to how they are pronounced. To the best of our knowledge, there is no Persian normalization toolkits for embedded language models in speech processing modules, So in this paper, we propose an open-source normalization toolkit for text processing in speech applications. Briefly, we consider different readable Persian text like symbols (common currencies, #, @, URL, etc.), numbers (date, time, phone number, national code, etc.), and so on. Comparison with other available Persian textual normalization tools indicates the superiority of the proposed method in speech processing. Also, comparing the model's performance for one of the proposed functions (sentence separation) with other common natural language libraries such as HAZM and Parsivar indicates the proper performance of the proposed method. Besides, its evaluation of some Persian Wikipedia data confirms the proper performance of the proposed method.


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