PeopleXploit – A hybrid tool to collect public data

by   Arjun Anand V, et al.

This paper introduces the concept of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) as an important application in intelligent profiling of individuals. With a variety of tools available, significant data shall be obtained on an individual as a consequence of analyzing his/her internet presence but all of this comes at the cost of low relevance. To increase the relevance score in profiling, PeopleXploit is being introduced. PeopleXploit is a hybrid tool which helps in collecting the publicly available information that is reliable and relevant to the given input. This tool is used to track and trace the given target with their digital footprints like Name, Email, Phone Number, User IDs etc. and the tool will scan search other associated data from public available records from the internet and create a summary report against the target. PeopleXploit profiles a person using authorship analysis and finds the best matching guess. Also, the type of analysis performed (professional/matrimonial/criminal entity) varies with the requirement of the user.



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