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People Tracking and Re-Identifying in Distributed Contexts: Extension of PoseTReID

by   Ratha Siv, et al.

In our previous paper, we introduced PoseTReID which is a generic framework for real-time 2D multi-person tracking in distributed interaction spaces where long-term people's identities are important for other studies such as behavior analysis, etc. In this paper, we introduce a further study of PoseTReID framework in order to give a more complete comprehension of the framework. We use a well-known bounding box detector YOLO (v4) for the detection to compare to OpenPose which was used in our last paper, and we use SORT and DeepSORT to compare to centroid which was also used previously, and most importantly for the re-identification, we use a bunch of deep leaning methods such as MLFN, OSNet, and OSNet-AIN with our custom classification layer to compare to FaceNet which was also used earlier in our last paper. By evaluating on our PoseTReID datasets, even though those deep learning re-identification methods are designed for only short-term re-identification across multiple cameras or videos, it is worth showing that they give impressive results which boost the overall tracking performance of PoseTReID framework regardless the type of tracking method. At the same time, we also introduce our research-friendly and open source Python toolbox pyppbox, which is pure written in Python and contains all sub-modules which are used this study along with real-time online and offline evaluations for our PoseTReID datasets. This pyppbox is available on GitHub .


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