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OpenMPL: An Open Source Layout Decomposer

by   Wei Li, et al.

Multiple patterning lithography has been widely adopted in advanced technology nodes of VLSI manufacturing. As a key step in the design flow, multiple patterning layout decomposition (MPLD) is critical to design closure. Due to the NP-hardness of the general decomposition problem, various efficient algorithms have been proposed with high quality solutions. However, with increasingly complicated design flow and peripheral processing steps, developing a high-quality layout decomposer becomes more and more difficult, slowing down the further advancement in this field. This paper presents OpenMPL [1], an open-source layout decomposition framework, with well-separated peripheral processing and the core solving steps. We demonstrate the flexibility of the framework with efficient implementations of various state-of-the-art algorithms, which enable us to reproduce most of the recent results on widely-recognized benchmarks. We believe OpenMPL can pave the road for developing layout decomposition engines and stimulate further researches on this problem.


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