Open Source Software Development Process: A Systematic Review

by   Bianca Minetto Napoleao, et al.

Open Source Software (OSS) has been recognized by the software development community as an effective way to deliver software. Unlike traditional software development, OSS development is driven by collaboration among developers spread geographically and motivated by common goals and interests. Besides this fact, it is recognized by OSS community the need of understand OSS development process and its activities. Our goal is to investigate the state-of-art about OSS process through conducting a systematic literature review providing an overview of how the OSS community has been investigating OSS process over past years identifying and summarizing OSS process activities and their characteristics as well as translating OSS process in a macro process through BPMN notation. As a result, we systematically analysed 33 studies presenting an overview of the state-of-art of researches regarding OSS process, a generalized OSS development macro process represented by BPMN notation with a detailed description of each OSS process activity and roles in OSS environment. We conclude that OSS process can be in practice further investigated by researchers. In addition, the presented OSS process can be used as a guide for OSS projects and being adapted according to each OSS project reality. It provides insights to managers and developers who want to improve their development process even in OSS and traditional environments. Finally, recommendations for OSS community regarding OSS process activities are provided.



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