Open-source platforms for fast room acoustic simulations in complex structures

by   Matthieu Aussal, et al.

This article presents new numerical simulation tools, respectively developed in Matlab and Blender softwares. Available in open-source under the GPL 3.0 license, it uses a ray-tracing/image-sources hybrid method to calculate the room acoustics for large meshes. Performances are optimized to solve problems of significant size (typically more than 100,000 surface elements and about a million of rays). For this purpose, a Divide and Conquer approach with a recursive binary tree structure has been implemented to reduce the quadratic complexity of the ray/element interactions to near-linear. Thus, execution times are less sensitive to the mesh density, which allows simulations of complex geometry. After ray propagation, a hybrid method leads to image-sources, which can be visually analyzed to localize sound map. Finally, impulse responses are constructed from the image-sources and FIR filters are proposed natively over 8 octave bands, taking into account material absorption properties and propagation medium. This algorithm is validated by comparisons with theoretical test cases. Furthermore, an example on a quite complex case, namely the ancient theater of Orange is presented.


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