On maximum-likelihood estimation in the all-or-nothing regime

01/25/2021 ∙ by Luca Corinzia, et al. ∙ 9

We study the problem of estimating a rank-1 additive deformation of a Gaussian tensor according to the maximum-likelihood estimator (MLE). The analysis is carried out in the sparse setting, where the underlying signal has a support that scales sublinearly with the total number of dimensions. We show that for Bernoulli distributed signals, the MLE undergoes an all-or-nothing (AoN) phase transition, already established for the minimum mean-square-error estimator (MMSE) in the same problem. The result follows from two main technical points: (i) the connection established between the MLE and the MMSE, using the first and second-moment methods in the constrained signal space, (ii) a recovery regime for the MMSE stricter than the simple error vanishing characterization given in the standard AoN, that is here proved as a general result.



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