NPU Speaker Verification System for INTERSPEECH 2020 Far-Field Speaker Verification Challenge

by   Li Zhang, et al.

This paper describes the NPU system submitted to Interspeech 2020 Far-Field Speaker Verification Challenge (FFSVC). We particularly focus on far-field text-dependent SV from single (task1) and multiple microphone arrays (task3). The major challenges in such scenarios are short utterance and cross-channel and distance mismatch for enrollment and test. With the belief that better speaker embedding can alleviate the effects from short utterance, we introduce a new speaker embedding architecture - ResNet-BAM, which integrates a bottleneck attention module with ResNet as a simple and efficient way to further improve the representation power of ResNet. This contribution brings up to 1 directions. First, domain adversarial training, which aims to learn domain-invariant features, can yield to 0.8 signal processing, including WPE and beamforming, has no obvious contribution, but together with data selection and domain adversarial training, can further contribute to 0.5 a specifically-designed data selection strategy, can lead to 2 Together with the above contributions, in the middle challenge results, our single submission system (without multi-system fusion) achieves the first and second place on task 1 and task 3, respectively.


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