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No Need to Know Physics: Resilience of Process-based Model-free Anomaly Detection for Industrial Control Systems

by   Alessandro Erba, et al.

In recent years, a number of process-based anomaly detection schemes for Industrial Control Systems were proposed. In this work, we provide the first systematic analysis of such schemes, and introduce a taxonomy of properties that are verified by those detection systems. We then present a novel general framework to generate adversarial spoofing signals that violate physical properties of the system, and use the framework to analyze four anomaly detectors published at top security conferences. We find that three of those detectors are susceptible to a number of adversarial manipulations (e.g., spoofing with precomputed patterns), which we call Synthetic Sensor Spoofing and one is resilient against our attacks. We investigate the root of its resilience and demonstrate that it comes from the properties that we introduced. Our attacks reduce the Recall (True Positive Rate) of the attacked schemes making them not able to correctly detect anomalies. Thus, the vulnerabilities we discovered in the anomaly detectors show that (despite an original good detection performance), those detectors are not able to reliably learn physical properties of the system. Even attacks that prior work was expected to be resilient against (based on verified properties) were found to be successful. We argue that our findings demonstrate the need for both more complete attacks in datasets, and more critical analysis of process-based anomaly detectors. We plan to release our implementation as open-source, together with an extension of two public datasets with a set of Synthetic Sensor Spoofing attacks as generated by our framework.


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