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Multiscale Detection of Cancerous Tissue in High Resolution Slide Scans

by   Qingchao Zhang, et al.

We present an algorithm for multi-scale tumor (chimeric cell) detection in high resolution slide scans. The broad range of tumor sizes in our dataset pose a challenge for current Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) which often fail when image features are very small (8 pixels). Our approach modifies the effective receptive field at different layers in a CNN so that objects with a broad range of varying scales can be detected in a single forward pass. We define rules for computing adaptive prior anchor boxes which we show are solvable under the equal proportion interval principle. Two mechanisms in our CNN architecture alleviate the effects of non-discriminative features prevalent in our data - a foveal detection algorithm that incorporates a cascade residual-inception module and a deconvolution module with additional context information. When integrated into a Single Shot MultiBox Detector (SSD), these additions permit more accurate detection of small-scale objects. The results permit efficient real-time analysis of medical images in pathology and related biomedical research fields.


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