Multimodal-driven Talking Face Generation, Face Swapping, Diffusion Model

by   Chao Xu, et al.

Multimodal-driven talking face generation refers to animating a portrait with the given pose, expression, and gaze transferred from the driving image and video, or estimated from the text and audio. However, existing methods ignore the potential of text modal, and their generators mainly follow the source-oriented feature rearrange paradigm coupled with unstable GAN frameworks. In this work, we first represent the emotion in the text prompt, which could inherit rich semantics from the CLIP, allowing flexible and generalized emotion control. We further reorganize these tasks as the target-oriented texture transfer and adopt the Diffusion Models. More specifically, given a textured face as the source and the rendered face projected from the desired 3DMM coefficients as the target, our proposed Texture-Geometry-aware Diffusion Model decomposes the complex transfer problem into multi-conditional denoising process, where a Texture Attention-based module accurately models the correspondences between appearance and geometry cues contained in source and target conditions, and incorporate extra implicit information for high-fidelity talking face generation. Additionally, TGDM can be gracefully tailored for face swapping. We derive a novel paradigm free of unstable seesaw-style optimization, resulting in simple, stable, and effective training and inference schemes. Extensive experiments demonstrate the superiority of our method.


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