MPPI-VS: Sampling-Based Model Predictive Control Strategy for Constrained Image-Based and Position-Based Visual Servoing

04/11/2021 ∙ by Ihab S. Mohamed, et al. ∙ 0

In this paper, we open up new avenues for visual servoing systems built upon the Path Integral (PI) optimal control theory, in which the non-linear partial differential equation (PDE) can be transformed into an expectation over all possible trajectories using the Feynman-Kac (FK) lemma. More precisely, we propose an MPPI-VS control strategy, a real-time and inversion-free control strategy on the basis of sampling-based model predictive control (namely, Model Predictive Path Integral (MPPI) control) algorithm, for both image-based, 3D point, and position-based visual servoing techniques, taking into account the system constraints (such as visibility, 3D, and control constraints) and parametric uncertainties associated with the robot and camera models as well as measurement noise. Contrary to classical visual servoing control schemes, our control strategy directly utilizes the approximation of the interaction matrix, without the need for estimating the interaction matrix inversion or performing the pseudo-inversion. We validate the MPPI-VS control strategy as well as the classical control schemes on a 6-DoF Cartesian robot with an eye-in-hand camera based on the utilization of four points in the image plane as visual features. To better assess and demonstrate the robustness and potential advantages of our proposed control strategy compared to classical schemes, intensive simulations under various operating conditions are carried out and then discussed. The obtained results demonstrate the effectiveness and capability of the proposed scheme in coping easily with the system constraints, as well as its robustness in the presence of large errors in camera parameters and measurements.



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