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Model Based Software Design: Tool Support for Scripting in Immersive Environments

by   Dulani Meedeniya, et al.

We present a prototype tool developed for the transformation of scenario-based specifications. The tool intended to support model based software development, in particular modelling Platform Independent Models (PIMs) for a given scenario and the transformation of the developed model into formalisms. The tool, which we named SD2CPN since it allows to transform the models from Umfied Modelling Language UML 2 Sequence Diagrams (SDs) into Coloured Petri nets (CPNs), helps software engineers to model the complex design scenarios comfortably and enables model checking with analysis of their designed PIMs. The context domain selected for the tool usage is programming in 3 dimensional immersive environments. The SD2CPN tool is evaluated by capturing immersive environment scenarios as SDs and transforming these into CPNs that enable flexible analysis of the state-event based program modelling in the immersive environments. Although the tool is considered for system development in immersive environments the generic nature of PIM support provided make it a general purpose tool for software development irrespective of the application domain and system scenario.


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