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Meta Pattern Concern Score: A Novel Metric for Customizable Evaluation of Multi-classification

by   Yanyun Wang, et al.

Classifiers have been widely implemented in practice, while how to evaluate them properly remains a problem. Commonly used two types of metrics respectively based on confusion matrix and loss function have different advantages in flexibility and mathematical completeness, while they struggle in different dilemmas like the insensitivity to slight improvements or the lack of customizability in different tasks. In this paper, we propose a novel metric named Meta Pattern Concern Score based on the abstract representation of the probabilistic prediction, as well as the targeted design for processing negative classes in multi-classification and reducing the discreteness of metric value, to achieve advantages of both the two kinds of metrics and avoid their weaknesses. Our metric provides customizability to pick out the model for specific requirements in different practices, and make sure it is also fine under traditional metrics at the same time. Evaluation in four kinds of models and six datasets demonstrates the effectiveness and efficiency of our metric, and a case study shows it can select a model to reduce 0.53 misclassifications by sacrificing only 0.04


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