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Maximum Entropy Principle Analysis in Network Systems with Short-time Recordings

by   Zhi-Qin John Xu, et al.

In many realistic systems, maximum entropy principle (MEP) analysis provides an effective characterization of the probability distribution of network states. However, to implement the MEP analysis, a sufficiently long-time data recording in general is often required, e.g., hours of spiking recordings of neurons in neuronal networks. The issue of whether the MEP analysis can be successfully applied to network systems with data from short recordings has yet to be fully addressed. In this work, we investigate relationships underlying the probability distributions, moments, and effective interactions in the MEP analysis and then show that, with short recordings of network dynamics, the MEP analysis can be applied to reconstructing probability distributions of network states under the condition of asynchronous activity of nodes in the network. Using spike trains obtained from both Hodgkin-Huxley neuronal networks and electrophysiological experiments, we verify our results and demonstrate that MEP analysis provides a tool to investigate the neuronal population coding properties, even for short recordings.


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