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MaintNet: A Collaborative Open-Source Library for Predictive Maintenance Language Resources

by   Farhad Akhbardeh, et al.

Maintenance record logbooks are an emerging text type in NLP. They typically consist of free text documents with many domain specific technical terms, abbreviations, as well as non-standard spelling and grammar, which poses difficulties to NLP pipelines trained on standard corpora. Analyzing and annotating such documents is of particular importance in the development of predictive maintenance systems, which aim to provide operational efficiencies, prevent accidents and save lives. In order to facilitate and encourage research in this area, we have developed MaintNet, a collaborative open-source library of technical and domain-specific language datasets. MaintNet provides novel logbook data from the aviation, automotive, and facilities domains along with tools to aid in their (pre-)processing and clustering. Furthermore, it provides a way to encourage discussion on and sharing of new datasets and tools for logbook data analysis.


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