Leveraging web resources for keyword assignment to short text documents

by   Ayush Singhal, et al.

Assigning relevant keywords to documents is very important for efficient retrieval, clustering and management of the documents. Especially with the web corpus deluged with digital documents, automation of this task is of prime importance. Keyword assignment is a broad topic of research which refers to tagging of document with keywords, key-phrases or topics. For text documents, the keyword assignment techniques have been developed under two sub-topics: automatic keyword extraction (AKE) and automatic key-phrase abstraction. However, the approaches developed in the literature for full text documents cannot be used to assign keywords to low text content documents like twitter feeds, news clips, product reviews or even short scholarly text. In this work, we point out several practical challenges encountered in tagging such low text content documents. As a solution to these challenges, we show that the proposed approaches which leverage knowledge from several open source web resources enhance the quality of the tags (keywords) assigned to the low text content documents. The performance of the proposed approach is tested on real world corpus consisting of scholarly documents with text content ranging from only the text in the title of the document (5-10 words) to the summary text/abstract (100- 150 words). We find that the proposed approach not just improves the accuracy of keyword assignment but offer a computationally efficient solution which can be used in real world applications.



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