Less is More: Pay Less Attention in Vision Transformers

by   Zizheng Pan, et al.

Transformers have become one of the dominant architectures in deep learning, particularly as a powerful alternative to convolutional neural networks (CNNs) in computer vision. However, Transformer training and inference in previous works can be prohibitively expensive due to the quadratic complexity of self-attention over a long sequence of representations, especially for high-resolution dense prediction tasks. To this end, we present a novel Less attention vIsion Transformer (LIT), building upon the fact that convolutions, fully-connected (FC) layers, and self-attentions have almost equivalent mathematical expressions for processing image patch sequences. Specifically, we propose a hierarchical Transformer where we use pure multi-layer perceptrons (MLPs) to encode rich local patterns in the early stages while applying self-attention modules to capture longer dependencies in deeper layers. Moreover, we further propose a learned deformable token merging module to adaptively fuse informative patches in a non-uniform manner. The proposed LIT achieves promising performance on image recognition tasks, including image classification, object detection and instance segmentation, serving as a strong backbone for many vision tasks.


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