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Learning Representations For Images With Hierarchical Labels

by   Ankit Dhall, et al.

Image classification has been studied extensively but there has been limited work in the direction of using non-conventional, external guidance other than traditional image-label pairs to train such models. In this thesis we present a set of methods to leverage information about the semantic hierarchy induced by class labels. In the first part of the thesis, we inject label-hierarchy knowledge to an arbitrary classifier and empirically show that availability of such external semantic information in conjunction with the visual semantics from images boosts overall performance. Taking a step further in this direction, we model more explicitly the label-label and label-image interactions by using order-preserving embedding-based models, prevalent in natural language, and tailor them to the domain of computer vision to perform image classification. Although, contrasting in nature, both the CNN-classifiers injected with hierarchical information, and the embedding-based models outperform a hierarchy-agnostic model on the newly presented, real-world ETH Entomological Collection image dataset.


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