LARCH: Large Language Model-based Automatic Readme Creation with Heuristics

by   Yuta Koreeda, et al.

Writing a readme is a crucial aspect of software development as it plays a vital role in managing and reusing program code. Though it is a pain point for many developers, automatically creating one remains a challenge even with the recent advancements in large language models (LLMs), because it requires generating an abstract description from thousands of lines of code. In this demo paper, we show that LLMs are capable of generating a coherent and factually correct readmes if we can identify a code fragment that is representative of the repository. Building upon this finding, we developed LARCH (LLM-based Automatic Readme Creation with Heuristics) which leverages representative code identification with heuristics and weak supervision. Through human and automated evaluations, we illustrate that LARCH can generate coherent and factually correct readmes in the majority of cases, outperforming a baseline that does not rely on representative code identification. We have made LARCH open-source and provided a cross-platform Visual Studio Code interface and command-line interface, accessible at A demo video showcasing LARCH's capabilities is available at


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