LabelGit: A Dataset for Software Repositories Classification using Attributed Dependency Graphs

by   Cezar Sas, et al.

Software repository hosting services contain large amounts of open-source software, with GitHub hosting more than 100 million repositories, from new to established ones. Given this vast amount of projects, there is a pressing need for a search based on the software's content and features. However, even though GitHub offers various solutions to aid software discovery, most repositories do not have any labels, reducing the utility of search and topic-based analysis. Moreover, classifying software modules is also getting more importance given the increase in Component-Based Software Development. However, previous work focused on software classification using keyword-based approaches or proxies for the project (e.g., README), which is not always available. In this work, we create a new annotated dataset of GitHub Java projects called LabelGit. Our dataset uses direct information from the source code, like the dependency graph and source code neural representations from the identifiers. Using this dataset, we hope to aid the development of solutions that do not rely on proxies but use the entire source code to perform classification.



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