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Knowledge-aware Neural Collective Matrix Factorization for Cross-domain Recommendation

by   Li Zhang, et al.

Cross-domain recommendation (CDR) can help customers find more satisfying items in different domains. Existing CDR models mainly use common users or mapping functions as bridges between domains but have very limited exploration in fully utilizing extra knowledge across domains. In this paper, we propose to incorporate the knowledge graph (KG) for CDR, which enables items in different domains to share knowledge. To this end, we first construct a new dataset AmazonKG4CDR from the Freebase KG and a subset (two domain pairs: movies-music, movie-book) of Amazon Review Data. This new dataset facilitates linking knowledge to bridge within- and cross-domain items for CDR. Then we propose a new framework, KG-aware Neural Collective Matrix Factorization (KG-NeuCMF), leveraging KG to enrich item representations. It first learns item embeddings by graph convolutional autoencoder to capture both domain-specific and domain-general knowledge from adjacent and higher-order neighbours in the KG. Then, we maximize the mutual information between item embeddings learned from the KG and user-item matrix to establish cross-domain relationships for better CDR. Finally, we conduct extensive experiments on the newly constructed dataset and demonstrate that our model significantly outperforms the best-performing baselines.


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