KEVLAR-TZ: A Secure Cache for ARM TrustZone

04/27/2021 ∙ by Oscar Benedito, et al. ∙ 0

Edge devices are increasingly in charge of storing privacy-sensitive data, in particular implantables, wearables, and nearables can potentially collect and process high-resolution vital signs 24/7. Storing and performing computations over such data in a privacy-preserving fashion is of paramount importance. We present KEVLAR-TZ, an application-level trusted cache designed to leverage ARM TrustZone, a popular trusted execution environment available in consumer-grade devices. To facilitate the integration with existing systems and IoT devices and protocols, KEVLAR-TZ exposes a REST-based interface with connection endpoints inside the TrustZone enclave. Furthermore, it exploits the on-device secure persistent storage to guarantee durability of data across reboots. We fully implemented KEVLAR-TZ on top of the OP-TEE framework, and experimentally evaluated its performance. Our results showcase performance trade-offs, for instance in terms of throughput and latency, for various workloads, and we believe our results can be useful for practitioners and in general developers of systems for TrustZone. KEVLAR-TZ is available as open-source at



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