Integrated Educational Management Tool for Adamson University

by   Anabella C. Doctor, et al.

This study focused on the development of a web based integrated academic information system that can aid Adamson University faculty to become more effective and efficient in giving costless examinations, in giving student grades, in avoiding redundancy of data and efforts, and in providing accessible and reliable information about examinations and grades. The developed system automates the processes of examination and student grading. To achieve the goal of the study, the researcher followed the phases of software development life cycle aiming to produce high quality software output that meets or even exceeds Adamson University faculty and administrations expectations. The developed system was tested in Adamson University and evaluated using the ISO 9126 software product evaluation criteria by respondents who include IT Experts and end-users with a descriptive rating of excellent with a mean average of 4.76 which proves that the system can be a useful tool for managing educational institutions examination and student grading. Integrated Educational Management Tool for Adamson University is a system that was successfully constructed using open source technology in developing web sites. The system has been successfully tested for functionality, reliability, usability, efficiency, and portability of the website with results that revealed that the developed application supports the educational institutions examination and student grading system for efficiency, reliability, and accessibility. Future studies and integration of item analysis, table of specification, and enhancement of sub modules of the system are recommended as well as making available offline class records and exams with online auto synchronization of data processes


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