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Improved Neural Network based Plant Diseases Identification

by   Ginni Garg, et al.

The agriculture sector is essential for every country because it provides a basic income to a large number of people and food as well, which is a fundamental requirement to survive on this planet. We see as time passes, significant changes come in the present era, which begins with Green Revolution. Due to improper knowledge of plant diseases, farmers use fertilizers in excess, which ultimately degrade the quality of food. Earlier farmers use experts to determine the type of plant disease, which was expensive and time-consuming. In today time, Image processing is used to recognize and catalog plant diseases using the lesion region of plant leaf, and there are different modus-operandi for plant disease scent from leaf using Neural Networks (NN), Support Vector Machine (SVM), and others. In this paper, we improving the architecture of the Neural Networking by working on ten different types of training algorithms and the proper choice of neurons in the concealed layer. Our proposed approach gives 98.30 disease and 100 regularization, automation of cluster and without over-fitting on considered plant diseases over various other implemented methods.


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