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Impact-Aware Online Motion Planning for Fully-Actuated Bipedal Robot Walking

by   Yuan Gao, et al.

Planning and control of legged robots is a difficult problem due to hybrid, high dimensional, and nonlinear dynamics. Legged locomotion planning and control on static platforms have been extensively studied. However, planning and control of legged locomotion on dynamic platforms are scarcely explored. Legged locomotion on dynamic platforms becomes much more complicated due to significant dynamic effects from the platform. In this paper, we present a quadrupedal robot walking on a dynamic platform with sinusoidal motion. In order to capture the complex details of legged locomotion on dynamic platform, we have derived a full-order dynamic model for the robot-platform system. Motion planning for the quadrupedal robot on the dynamic platform is obtained using optimization in Matlab. We have derived a model-based controller for tracking the planned trajectories during the quadrupedal walking on the dynamic platform. We also present the stability analysis for the nonlinear closed-loop hybrid dynamical system with state-triggered jump. The planning and control algorithms are validated in Matlab. The simulation results for the controller implementation are also presented in the paper.


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