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iffDetector: Inference-aware Feature Filtering for Object Detection

by   Mingyuan Mao, et al.
Beihang University

Modern CNN-based object detectors focus on feature configuration during training but often ignore feature optimization during inference. In this paper, we propose a new feature optimization approach to enhance features and suppress background noise in both the training and inference stages. We introduce a generic Inference-aware Feature Filtering (IFF) module that can easily be combined with modern detectors, resulting in our iffDetector. Unlike conventional open-loop feature calculation approaches without feedback, the IFF module performs closed-loop optimization by leveraging high-level semantics to enhance the convolutional features. By applying Fourier transform analysis, we demonstrate that the IFF module acts as a negative feedback that theoretically guarantees the stability of feature learning. IFF can be fused with CNN-based object detectors in a plug-and-play manner with negligible computational cost overhead. Experiments on the PASCAL VOC and MS COCO datasets demonstrate that our iffDetector consistently outperforms state-of-the-art methods by significant margins[The test code and model are anonymously available in ].


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