ICCAD Special Session Paper: Quantum-Classical Hybrid Machine Learning for Image Classification

by   Mahabubul Alam, et al.

Image classification is a major application domain for conventional deep learning (DL). Quantum machine learning (QML) has the potential to revolutionize image classification. In any typical DL-based image classification, we use convolutional neural network (CNN) to extract features from the image and multi-layer perceptron network (MLP) to create the actual decision boundaries. On one hand, QML models can be useful in both of these tasks. Convolution with parameterized quantum circuits (Quanvolution) can extract rich features from the images. On the other hand, quantum neural network (QNN) models can create complex decision boundaries. Therefore, Quanvolution and QNN can be used to create an end-to-end QML model for image classification. Alternatively, we can extract image features separately using classical dimension reduction techniques such as, Principal Components Analysis (PCA) or Convolutional Autoencoder (CAE) and use the extracted features to train a QNN. We review two proposals on quantum-classical hybrid ML models for image classification namely, Quanvolutional Neural Network and dimension reduction using a classical algorithm followed by QNN. Particularly, we make a case for trainable filters in Quanvolution and CAE-based feature extraction for image datasets (instead of dimension reduction using linear transformations such as, PCA). We discuss various design choices, potential opportunities, and drawbacks of these models. We also release a Python-based framework to create and explore these hybrid models with a variety of design choices.


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