HyperTuner: A Cross-Layer Multi-Objective Hyperparameter Auto-Tuning Framework for Data Analytic Services

by   Hui Dou, et al.

Hyper-parameters optimization (HPO) is vital for machine learning models. Besides model accuracy, other tuning intentions such as model training time and energy consumption are also worthy of attention from data analytic service providers. Hence, it is essential to take both model hyperparameters and system parameters into consideration to execute cross-layer multi-objective hyperparameter auto-tuning. Towards this challenging target, we propose HyperTuner in this paper. To address the formulated high-dimensional black-box multi-objective optimization problem, HyperTuner first conducts multi-objective parameter importance ranking with its MOPIR algorithm and then leverages the proposed ADUMBO algorithm to find the Pareto-optimal configuration set. During each iteration, ADUMBO selects the most promising configuration from the generated Pareto candidate set via maximizing a new well-designed metric, which can adaptively leverage the uncertainty as well as the predicted mean across all the surrogate models along with the iteration times. We evaluate HyperTuner on our local distributed TensorFlow cluster and experimental results show that it is always able to find a better Pareto configuration front superior in both convergence and diversity compared with the other four baseline algorithms. Besides, experiments with different training datasets, different optimization objectives and different machine learning platforms verify that HyperTuner can well adapt to various data analytic service scenarios.


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