HPC AI500: A Benchmark Suite for HPC AI Systems

by   ZiHan Jiang, et al.
The University of Texas at Austin
Hunan University
University at Buffalo

In recent years, with the trend of applying deep learning (DL) in high performance scientific computing, the unique characteristics of emerging DL workloads in HPC raise great challenges in designing, implementing HPC AI systems. The community needs a new yard stick for evaluating the future HPC systems. In this paper, we propose HPC AI500 --- a benchmark suite for evaluating HPC systems that running scientific DL workloads. Covering the most representative scientific fields, each workload from HPC AI500 is based on real-world scientific DL applications. Currently, we choose 14 scientific DL benchmarks from perspectives of application scenarios, data sets, and software stack. We propose a set of metrics for comprehensively evaluating the HPC AI systems, considering both accuracy, performance as well as power and cost. We provide a scalable reference implementation of HPC AI500. HPC AI500 is a part of the open-source AIBench project, the specification and source code are publicly available from <http://www.benchcouncil.org/AIBench/index.html>.


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