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Higher-order Neural Additive Models: An Interpretable Machine Learning Model with Feature Interactions

by   Minkyu Kim, et al.

Black-box models, such as deep neural networks, exhibit superior predictive performances, but understanding their behavior is notoriously difficult. Many explainable artificial intelligence methods have been proposed to reveal the decision-making processes of black box models. However, their applications in high-stakes domains remain limited. Recently proposed neural additive models (NAM) have achieved state-of-the-art interpretable machine learning. NAM can provide straightforward interpretations with slight performance sacrifices compared with multi-layer perceptron. However, NAM can only model 1^st-order feature interactions; thus, it cannot capture the co-relationships between input features. To overcome this problem, we propose a novel interpretable machine learning method called higher-order neural additive models (HONAM) and a feature interaction method for high interpretability. HONAM can model arbitrary orders of feature interactions. Therefore, it can provide the high predictive performance and interpretability that high-stakes domains need. In addition, we propose a novel hidden unit to effectively learn sharp-shape functions. We conducted experiments using various real-world datasets to examine the effectiveness of HONAM. Furthermore, we demonstrate that HONAM can achieve fair AI with a slight performance sacrifice. The source code for HONAM is publicly available.


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