HGCN-GJS: Hierarchical Graph Convolutional Network with Groupwise Joint Sampling for Trajectory Prediction

by   Yuying Chen, et al.

Accurate pedestrian trajectory prediction is of great importance for downstream tasks such as autonomous driving and mobile robot navigation. Fully investigating the social interactions within the crowd is crucial for accurate pedestrian trajectory prediction. However, most existing methods do not capture group level interactions well, focusing only on pairwise interactions and neglecting group-wise interactions. In this work, we propose a hierarchical graph convolutional network, HGCN-GJS, for trajectory prediction which well leverages group level interactions within the crowd. Furthermore, we introduce a novel joint sampling scheme for modeling the joint distribution of multiple pedestrians in the future trajectories. Based on the group information, this scheme associates the trajectory of one person with the trajectory of other people in the group, but maintains the independence of the trajectories of outsiders. We demonstrate the performance of our network on several trajectory prediction datasets, achieving state-of-the-art results on all datasets considered.


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