Fuzzy Rule Interpolation Toolbox for the GNU Open-Source OCTAVE

by   Maen Alzubi, et al.

In most fuzzy control applications (applying classical fuzzy reasoning), the reasoning method requires a complete fuzzy rule-base, i.e all the possible observations must be covered by the antecedents of the fuzzy rules, which is not always available. Fuzzy control systems based on the Fuzzy Rule Interpolation (FRI) concept play a major role in different platforms, in case if only a sparse fuzzy rule-base is available. This cases the fuzzy model contains only the most relevant rules, without covering all the antecedent universes. The first FRI toolbox being able to handle different FRI methods was developed by Johanyak et. al. in 2006 for the MATLAB environment. The goal of this paper is to introduce some details of the adaptation of the FRI toolbox to support the GNU/OCTAVE programming language. The OCTAVE Fuzzy Rule Interpolation (OCTFRI) Toolbox is an open-source toolbox for OCTAVE programming language, providing a large functionally compatible subset of the MATLAB FRI toolbox as well as many extensions. The OCTFRI Toolbox includes functions that enable the user to evaluate Fuzzy Inference Systems (FISs) from the command line and from OCTAVE scripts, read/write FISs and OBS to/from files, and produce a graphical visualisation of both the membership functions and the FIS outputs. Future work will focus on implementing advanced fuzzy inference techniques and GUI tools.



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