FiT: Parameter Efficient Few-shot Transfer Learning for Personalized and Federated Image Classification

by   Aliaksandra Shysheya, et al.
University of Cambridge

Modern deep learning systems are increasingly deployed in situations such as personalization and federated learning where it is necessary to support i) learning on small amounts of data, and ii) communication efficient distributed training protocols. In this work we develop FiLM Transfer (FiT) which fulfills these requirements in the image classification setting. FiT uses an automatically configured Naive Bayes classifier on top of a fixed backbone that has been pretrained on large image datasets. Parameter efficient FiLM layers are used to modulate the backbone, shaping the representation for the downstream task. The network is trained via an episodic fine-tuning protocol. The approach is parameter efficient which is key for enabling few-shot learning, inexpensive model updates for personalization, and communication efficient federated learning. We experiment with FiT on a wide range of downstream datasets and show that it achieves better classification accuracy than the state-of-the-art Big Transfer (BiT) algorithm at low-shot and on the challenging VTAB-1k benchmark, with fewer than 1 Finally, we demonstrate the parameter efficiency of FiT in distributed low-shot applications including model personalization and federated learning where model update size is an important performance metric.


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