Engineering Uniform Sampling of Graphs with a Prescribed Power-law Degree Sequence

by   Daniel Allendorf, et al.

We consider the following common network analysis problem: given a degree sequence 𝐝 = (d_1, …, d_n) βˆˆβ„•^n return a uniform sample from the ensemble of all simple graphs with matching degrees. In practice, the problem is typically solved using Markov Chain Monte Carlo approaches, such as Edge-Switching or Curveball, even if no practical useful rigorous bounds are known on their mixing times. In contrast, Arman et al. sketch Inc-Powerlaw, a novel and much more involved algorithm capable of generating graphs for power-law bounded degree sequences with Ξ³βͺ† 2.88 in expected linear time. For the first time, we give a complete description of the algorithm and add novel switchings. To the best of our knowledge, our open-source implementation of Inc-Powerlaw is the first practical generator with rigorous uniformity guarantees for the aforementioned degree sequences. In an empirical investigation, we find that for small average-degrees Inc-Powerlaw is very efficient and generates graphs with one million nodes in less than a second. For larger average-degrees, parallelism can partially mitigate the increased running-time.



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