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Efficient and Accurate Adaptive Resolution for Weakly-Compressible SPH

by   Abhinav Muta, et al.

In this paper we propose an accurate, and computationally efficient method for incorporating adaptive spatial resolution into weakly-compressible Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) schemes. Particles are adaptively split and merged in an accurate manner while ensuring that the number of particles is not large for a given resolution. Critically, the method ensures that the number of neighbors of each particle is optimal, leading to an efficient algorithm. A set of background particles is used to specify either geometry-based spatial resolution or solution-based adaptive resolution. This allows us to simulate problems using particles having length variations of the order of 1:250 with much fewer particles than currently reported with other techniques. The method is designed to automatically adapt when any solid bodies move. The algorithms employed are fully parallel. We consider a suite of benchmark problems to demonstrate the accuracy of the approach. We then consider the classic problem of the flow past a circular cylinder at a range of Reynolds numbers and show that the proposed method produces accurate results with a significantly reduced number of particles. We provide an open source implementation and a fully reproducible manuscript.


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