Dynamic Temporal Filtering in Video Models

by   Fuchen Long, et al.
Singapore Management University
JD.com, Inc.

Video temporal dynamics is conventionally modeled with 3D spatial-temporal kernel or its factorized version comprised of 2D spatial kernel and 1D temporal kernel. The modeling power, nevertheless, is limited by the fixed window size and static weights of a kernel along the temporal dimension. The pre-determined kernel size severely limits the temporal receptive fields and the fixed weights treat each spatial location across frames equally, resulting in sub-optimal solution for long-range temporal modeling in natural scenes. In this paper, we present a new recipe of temporal feature learning, namely Dynamic Temporal Filter (DTF), that novelly performs spatial-aware temporal modeling in frequency domain with large temporal receptive field. Specifically, DTF dynamically learns a specialized frequency filter for every spatial location to model its long-range temporal dynamics. Meanwhile, the temporal feature of each spatial location is also transformed into frequency feature spectrum via 1D Fast Fourier Transform (FFT). The spectrum is modulated by the learnt frequency filter, and then transformed back to temporal domain with inverse FFT. In addition, to facilitate the learning of frequency filter in DTF, we perform frame-wise aggregation to enhance the primary temporal feature with its temporal neighbors by inter-frame correlation. It is feasible to plug DTF block into ConvNets and Transformer, yielding DTF-Net and DTF-Transformer. Extensive experiments conducted on three datasets demonstrate the superiority of our proposals. More remarkably, DTF-Transformer achieves an accuracy of 83.5 Kinetics-400 dataset. Source code is available at <https://github.com/FuchenUSTC/DTF>.


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