DuMu^x 3 – an open-source simulator for solving flow and transport problems in porous media with a focus on model coupling

by   Timo Koch, et al.

We present version 3 of the open-source simulator for flow and transport processes in porous media DuMu^x. DuMu^x is based on the modular C++ framework Dune (Distributed and Unified Numerics Environment) and is developed as a research code with a focus on modularity and reusability. We describe recent efforts in improving the transparency and efficiency of the development process and community-building, as well as efforts towards quality assurance and reproducible research. In addition to a major redesign of many simulation components in order to facilitate setting up complex simulations in DuMu^x, version 3 introduces a more consistent abstraction of finite volume schemes. Finally, the new framework for multi-domain simulations is described, and three numerical examples demonstrate its flexibility.



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