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DrMaMP: Distributed Real-time Multi-agent Mission Planning in Cluttered Environment

by   Zehui Lu, et al.

Solving a collision-aware multi-agent mission planning (task allocation and path finding) problem is challenging due to the requirement of real-time computational performance, scalability, and capability of handling static/dynamic obstacles and tasks in a cluttered environment. This paper proposes a distributed real-time (on the order of millisecond) algorithm DrMaMP, which partitions the entire unassigned task set into subsets via approximation and decomposes the original problem into several single-agent mission planning problems. This paper presents experiments with dynamic obstacles and tasks and conducts optimality and scalability comparisons with an existing method, where DrMaMP outperforms the existing method in both indices. Finally, this paper analyzes the computational burden of DrMaMP which is consistent with the observations from comparisons, and presents the optimality gap in small-size problems.


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