Distributional Reinforcement Learning for Efficient Exploration

by   Borislav Mavrin, et al.

In distributional reinforcement learning (RL), the estimated distribution of value function models both the parametric and intrinsic uncertainties. We propose a novel and efficient exploration method for deep RL that has two components. The first is a decaying schedule to suppress the intrinsic uncertainty. The second is an exploration bonus calculated from the upper quantiles of the learned distribution. In Atari 2600 games, our method outperforms QR-DQN in 12 out of 14 hard games (achieving 483 % average gain across 49 games in cumulative rewards over QR-DQN with a big win in Venture). We also compared our algorithm with QR-DQN in a challenging 3D driving simulator (CARLA). Results show that our algorithm achieves near-optimal safety rewards twice faster than QRDQN.


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