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Differentiable Forward Kinematics for TensorFlow 2

by   Lukas Mölschl, et al.
Leopold Franzens Universität Innsbruck

Robotic systems are often complex and depend on the integration of a large number of software components. One important component in robotic systems provides the calculation of forward kinematics, which is required by both motion-planning and perception related components. End-to-end learning systems based on deep learning require passing gradients across component boundaries.Typical software implementations of forward kinematics are not differentiable, and thus prevent the construction of gradient-based, end-to-end learning systems. In this paper we present a library compatible with ROS-URDF that computes forward kinematics while simultaneously giving access to the gradients w.r.t. joint configurations and model parameters, allowing gradient-based learning and model identification. Our Python library is based on Tensorflow 2 and is auto-differentiable. It supports calculating a large number of kinematic configurations on the GPU in parallel, yielding a considerable performance improvement compared to sequential CPU-based calculation.


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