DeepLab2: A TensorFlow Library for Deep Labeling

by   Mark Weber, et al.

DeepLab2 is a TensorFlow library for deep labeling, aiming to provide a state-of-the-art and easy-to-use TensorFlow codebase for general dense pixel prediction problems in computer vision. DeepLab2 includes all our recently developed DeepLab model variants with pretrained checkpoints as well as model training and evaluation code, allowing the community to reproduce and further improve upon the state-of-art systems. To showcase the effectiveness of DeepLab2, our Panoptic-DeepLab employing Axial-SWideRNet as network backbone achieves 68.0 single-scale inference and ImageNet-1K pretrained checkpoints. We hope that publicly sharing our library could facilitate future research on dense pixel labeling tasks and envision new applications of this technology. Code is made publicly available at <>.


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