Deep Fusion Prior for Multi-Focus Image Super Resolution Fusion

by   Yuanjie Gu, et al.

This paper unifies the multi-focus images fusion (MFIF) and blind super resolution (SR) problems as the multi-focus image super resolution fusion (MFISRF) task, and proposes a novel unified dataset-free unsupervised framework named deep fusion prior (DFP) to address such MFISRF task. DFP consists of SKIPnet network, DoubleReblur focus measurement tactic, decision embedding module and loss functions. In particular, DFP can obtain MFISRF only from two low-resolution inputs without any extent dataset; SKIPnet implementing unsupervised learning via deep image prior is an end-to-end generated network acting as the engine of DFP; DoubleReblur is used to determine the primary decision map without learning but based on estimated PSF and Gaussian kernels convolution; decision embedding module optimizes the decision map via learning; and DFP losses composed of content loss, joint gradient loss and gradient limit loss can obtain high-quality MFISRF results robustly. Experiments have proved that our proposed DFP approaches and even outperforms those state-of-art MFIF and SR method combinations. Additionally, DFP is a general framework, thus its networks and focus measurement tactics can be continuously updated to further improve the MFISRF performance. DFP codes are open source and will be available soon at


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