DAVIS-Ag: A Synthetic Plant Dataset for Developing Domain-Inspired Active Vision in Agricultural Robots

by   Taeyeong Choi, et al.

In agricultural environments, viewpoint planning can be a critical functionality for a robot with visual sensors to obtain informative observations of objects of interest (e.g., fruits) from complex structures of plant with random occlusions. Although recent studies on active vision have shown some potential for agricultural tasks, each model has been designed and validated on a unique environment that would not easily be replicated for benchmarking novel methods being developed later. In this paper, hence, we introduce a dataset for more extensive research on Domain-inspired Active VISion in Agriculture (DAVIS-Ag). To be specific, we utilized our open-source "AgML" framework and the 3D plant simulator of "Helios" to produce 502K RGB images from 30K dense spatial locations in 632 realistically synthesized orchards of strawberries, tomatoes, and grapes. In addition, useful labels are provided for each image, including (1) bounding boxes and (2) pixel-wise instance segmentations for all identifiable fruits, and also (3) pointers to other images that are reachable by an execution of action so as to simulate the active selection of viewpoint at each time step. Using DAVIS-Ag, we show the motivating examples in which performance of fruit detection for the same plant can significantly vary depending on the position and orientation of camera view primarily due to occlusions by other components such as leaves. Furthermore, we develop several baseline models to showcase the "usage" of data with one of agricultural active vision tasks–fruit search optimization–providing evaluation results against which future studies could benchmark their methodologies. For encouraging relevant research, our dataset is released online to be freely available at: https://github.com/ctyeong/DAVIS-Ag


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