Data Sharing, Distribution and Updating Using Social Coding Community Github and LaTaX Packages in Graduate Research

by   Polina Lemenkova, et al.

Current paper reports the advantages of the application of GitHub and LaTeX for the MSc thesis writing. The existing code-based program implemented in GitHub portal provides a great tool for scientists and students for data sharing and notification of the co-workers, tutors and supervisors involved in research about actual updates. It enables to connect collaborators to share around current results, release datasets and updates and more. Using standard command-line interface GitHub allows registered users to push repositories on the website. The availability of both public and private repositories enables to share current data updates with target audience: e.g. unpublished research work only for co-authors or supervisors, or vice versa. Therefore, there is a need in academic centres and universities to strongly popularize and increase the use of GitHub for student works. The case study is given on the graduate study: an MSc work written and maintained using open source GitHub service at the University of Twente, Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation (Netherlands). It reports my successful experience of writing MSc thesis based on the effective combination of LaTeX and GitHub.



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