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CVAE-H: Conditionalizing Variational Autoencoders via Hypernetworks and Trajectory Forecasting for Autonomous Driving

by   Geunseob Oh, et al.
University of Michigan

The task of predicting stochastic behaviors of road agents in diverse environments is a challenging problem for autonomous driving. To best understand scene contexts and produce diverse possible future states of the road agents adaptively in different environments, a prediction model should be probabilistic, multi-modal, context-driven, and general. We present Conditionalizing Variational AutoEncoders via Hypernetworks (CVAE-H); a conditional VAE that extensively leverages hypernetwork and performs generative tasks for high-dimensional problems like the prediction task. We first evaluate CVAE-H on simple generative experiments to show that CVAE-H is probabilistic, multi-modal, context-driven, and general. Then, we demonstrate that the proposed model effectively solves a self-driving prediction problem by producing accurate predictions of road agents in various environments.


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