Convolutional Neural Networks for Speech Controlled Prosthetic Hands

by   Mohsen Jafarzadeh, et al.

Speech recognition is one of the key topics in artificial intelligence, as it is one of the most common forms of communication in humans. Researchers have developed many speech-controlled prosthetic hands in the past decades, utilizing conventional speech recognition systems that use a combination of neural network and hidden Markov model. Recent advancements in general-purpose graphics processing units (GPGPUs) enable intelligent devices to run deep neural networks in real-time. Thus, state-of-the-art speech recognition systems have rapidly shifted from the paradigm of composite subsystems optimization to the paradigm of end-to-end optimization. However, a low-power embedded GPGPU cannot run these speech recognition systems in real-time. In this paper, we show the development of deep convolutional neural networks (CNN) for speech control of prosthetic hands that run in real-time on a NVIDIA Jetson TX2 developer kit. First, the device captures and converts speech into 2D features (like spectrogram). The CNN receives the 2D features and classifies the hand gestures. Finally, the hand gesture classes are sent to the prosthetic hand motion control system. The whole system is written in Python with Keras, a deep learning library that has a TensorFlow backend. Our experiments on the CNN demonstrate the 91 output) from speech commands, which can be used to control the prosthetic hands in real-time.



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