Construction of arbitrary order finite element degree-of-freedom maps on polygonal and polyhedral cell meshes

02/23/2021 ∙ by Matthew W. Scroggs, et al. ∙ 0

We develop an approach to generating degree-of-freedom maps for arbitrary order finite element spaces for any cell shape. The approach is based on the composition of permutations and transformations by cell sub-entity. Current approaches to generating degree-of-freedom maps for arbitrary order problems typically rely on a consistent orientation of cell entities that permits the definition of a common local coordinate system on shared edges and faces. However, while orientation of a mesh is straightforward for simplex cells and is a local operation, it is not a strictly local operation for quadrilateral cells and in the case of hexahedral cells not all meshes are orientable. The permutation and transformation approach is developed for a range of element types, including Lagrange, and divergence- and curl-conforming elements, and for a range of cell shapes. The approach is local and can be applied to cells of any shape, including general polytopes and meshes with mixed cell types. A number of examples are presented and the developed approach has been implemented in an open-source finite element library.



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