Bi-objective Optimisation of Data-parallel Applications on Heterogeneous Platforms for Performance and Energy via Workload Distribution

by   Hamidreza Khaleghzadeh, et al.

Performance and energy are the two most important objectives for optimisation on modern parallel platforms. Latest research demonstrated the importance of workload distribution as a decision variable in the bi-objective optimisation for performance and energy on homogeneous multicore clusters. We show in this work that bi-objective optimisation for performance and energy on heterogeneous processors results in a large number of Pareto-optimal optimal solutions (workload distributions) even in the simple case of linear performance and energy profiles. We then study performance and energy profiles of real-life data-parallel applications and find that their shapes are non-linear, complex and non-smooth. We, therefore, propose an efficient and exact global optimisation algorithm, which takes as an input most general discrete performance and dynamic energy profiles of the heterogeneous processors and solves the bi-objective optimisation problem. The algorithm is also used as a building block to solve the bi-objective optimisation problem for performance and total energy. We also propose a novel methodology to build discrete dynamic energy profiles of individual computing devices, which are input to the algorithm. The methodology is based purely on system-level measurements and addresses the fundamental challenge of accurate component-level energy modelling of a hybrid data-parallel application running on a heterogeneous platform integrating CPUs and accelerators. We experimentally validate the proposed method using two data-parallel applications, matrix multiplication and 2D fast Fourier transform (2D-FFT).


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