Bayesian phase estimation with adaptive grid refinement

by   Ramakrishna Tipireddy, et al.

We introduce a novel Bayesian phase estimation technique based on adaptive grid refinement method. This method automatically chooses the number particles needed for accurate phase estimation using grid refinement and cell merging strategies such that the total number of particles needed at each step is minimal. The proposed method provides a powerful alternative to traditional sampling based sequential Monte Carlo method which tend to fail in certain instances such as when the posterior distribution is bimodal. We also combine grid based and sampling based methods as hybrid particle filter where grid based method can be used to estimate a small but dominant set of parameters and Liu-West (LW) based SMC for the remaining set of parameters. Principal kurtosis analysis can be used to decide the choice of parameters for grid refinement method and for sampling based methods. We provide numerical results comparing the performance of the proposed grid refinement method with Liu-West resampling based SMC. Numerical results suggest that the proposed method is quite promising for quantum phase estimation. It can be easily adapted to Hamiltonian learning which is a very useful technique for estimating unknown parameters of a Hamiltonian and for characterizing unknown quantum devices.


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